If you have a brand or marketing idea, or maybe a book or album cover, a website, and the list goes on, that you want to get my feedback and advice on, you can set a content consulting appointment.


Once you know what you want to share with the world, creating a brand identity will give you the best shot at sharing it with the world in a way it can be remembered and responded to. I can help.


Are you in need a professional business card, stationary, and website to showcase your brand? Or do you need a promotional video, a book, or an album cover? Do you need a banner stand or logo products?


If you are wanting to write a teaching or testimonial book, I can help walk you from the process from start to finish.


Once your book is ready, I can walk you through the self-publishing process to get your book in print and digital formats.


Having a concept for a book is a great place to start, however, it takes a great writing strategy to formulate that concept into chapters and then a final manuscript. I can guide you through the entire process.


For those who prefer to learn how to create their own brand designs, marketing materials, social media posts, and websites, I offer personal and group tutorials and training through video meetings and screen-share technology.


I am so blessed have been able to design for award winning Gospel Artist, Kristina Halloway. Follow the link to check out her website!


CD Cover Art for Trisha Alicia is Gospel Recording Artist Trisha Alicia.


Website design for gospel recording artist Kristina Halloway


Album Art and Promotional Graphic Design for Gospel Hip Hop Artist “Ricky B.”


I was so blessed to work designing the official logo for Missionary Media. A faith-based media company in the United States working around the world.

Sarah is one of the best graphic artists I have ever worked with. She is always very professional and I would recommend her to anyone! – Kristina Halloway

Sarah Grace has an awesome ability to capture your concept for a book cover. Her expertise exceeded my expectation. I highly recommend her graphic design work! – Nichol Collins

 Sarah Grace continues to bring our vision to Life and she produces quality work. – Apostle Barry Powell

Request A Free E-Consultation by placing your request below. Please allow two business days for a response. Web mail tends to go to Spam/Junk boxes. Please check there before reaching back out. You can also text or leave a voicemail to follow up at 615-236-6590 or email

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I work directly with clients who are 18 years or older who are willing to comply with my policies. I do not discriminate based on age, gender, religion, ethnicity, or socioeconomic status, however, I do reserve the right to reject any potential client in the case I don’t feel that it is a match with my skill set or availability or if it makes me feel uncomfortable and unable to deliver for many personal or professional reason. Being able to connect with the person and purpose of the project plays a role in ensuring my capacity to deliver a high quality project.


Consulting Services
I provide consulting services through paid phone or video calls, offering guidance from my professional experience and expertise. Please note that results are not guaranteed, and I do not disclose trade secrets, client information, or vendor details. Meetings are scheduled in advance through my online calendar and are based on availability. Please check scheduling policies for more information. Prices are only guaranteed when delivered in writing and are for a limited time and could change at anytime without notice prior to the client paying the invoice to solidify the contract.

Graphic Design (Adobe Photoshop or Canva Pro):
I specialize in brand, marketing, and product packaging design using Adobe Photoshop or Canva Pro. While I primarily work with existing images and illustrations, I do not create new images or illustrations from scratch. My services include logo design, marketing materials, product packaging and more.
Website Design (WordPress with Preferred Plugins):
I create websites with WordPress and my own preferred professional plugins. I am not a domain registrar, host, and do provide maintenance or technical support but sometimes offer assistance with these necessary tasks as part of my web design process without liability or responsibility for anything outside of the design process.

Website Maintenance and Security
After website completion, clients can request a quote on updates as needed but service after completion is not guaranteed. If a client’s website is hosted on my professional 3rd party host, I am not responsible for maintenance, tech support, crashes, internet malware, hacking, spyware, or any other damages that may result from being installed on my host. Client is responsible for those things and should professional assistance. If a client’s website goes down as a result of any of those things, I am not responsible for rebuilding without a new project request and associated invoice. These issues are outside of my control.

Graphic Design
I offer graphic design services through Adobe Photoshop and Canva Pro specializing in brand design, marketing material, product packaging, and anything that helps a client brand and promote their personal brand, product or service. I do not create any images from scratch such as illustrations and only work with existing fonts, photo stock, and images that can be found in professional libraries with copyright use permitted without fees. Should a client desire an image, font, or vector, or any file that is not found within the free libraries those costs will be forwarded to the client in advance or will be required from the client. I am not liable for any damages as a result of a client sending me images or files of any kind without proper copyright. Images sent by clients must be sent with professional quality resolutions and file types. Final project files are all delivered via email in PNG, jpg, or PDF. Source files are not included unless agreed upon in the contract and invoice. File storage after delivery is the clients responsibility and there is no guarantee of file redelivery after the project is sent.

Author Services
I offer author coaching to assist authors in their writing process. I also offer self -publishing assistance for authors aspiring to self-publish on through Kindle Direct Publishing. I also offer ghostwriting services through an interview process where the author’s story is captured and delivered through a digital manuscript. It is the author’s responsibility to pursue editing and publishing. Individual contracts may contain more details. Final project files are all delivered via email in Word, Google, or pdf document.. Source files are not included unless agreed upon the contract and invoice. File storage after delivery is the client’s responsibility and there is no guarantee of file redelivery after the project is sent.

Consultation/Online Checkout
Initiate the project through a paid or free e-consultation and followed by payment of invoice or online checkout through the links provided as a result of your consultation.

Content Request for Graphic, Web, and Video Design
A content request will be sent asking the client for all necessary content for project completion such as copy, photos, and information related to the completion of their project. For videos this may only include voiceovers, scripts, and other associated files per the contract. Any desired fonts, vectors, photo or video stock, and/or any other files not available through free public libraries will be at the expense of the client.

Content Quality and File Requirements
I require professional resolution images of 300dpi that are already edited to the client’s approval. Copy/Text must be provided in an editable/copyable format such as email, Google or Word document, or pdf that allows for copy feature. I do not accept screenshots of text or photos of notes on paper and we do retype or grammatically edit text sent to us. Clients must send a text pre-edited. Should revisions be required during the design process due to clients faulty copy additional fees may apply.

I reserve the right to reject any images, files, or documents that don’t meet these requirements and will not be held responsible for project delays or not being able to complete the project as a result of not receiving files.
Clients are prohibited from requesting that we edit, organize, research, or seek out information copy/text, images, videos, or any necessary content for their project. All content is required directly from the client via email with no exceptions.

Content Request For Author Coaching or Ghost Writing
Appointments will be set for author coaching or ghostwriting through additional consultation sessions per the agreed upon contract. See scheduling policies for more information.

Self Publishing Content
Self-publishing assistance is fulfilled through scheduled consultation sessions per the agreed contract. Thes appointments provide consulting and instructions on how the client can self-publish. I do not offer publishing or handle clients’ accounts, only consulting and assistance.

Content Creation
For graphic, web, and video design projects, your content creation will begin upon receiving all necessary content as requested and approved.

Project Delivery
Projects will be delivered digitally via email and/or inclusive of attachments, 3rd party file transfer or storage websites or software.

Project Review and Revisions
The client will be asked to review the necessary files and provide feedback and revision requests via email in bullet point format with clear concise statements of exactly what is being required avoiding vague statements or paragraphical thoughts or explanations. We only accept clear requests. If your requests are not clear, concise, and to the point and include long paragraphical, thoughts, and questions, your revision requests will be rejected and you will be asked again. Failure to cooperate could lead to your project being paused, delayed, and/or eventually terminated.

If a client requests revisions, two graphic revisions are offered for digital design with no further charges and 1 hour for website designs. Additional revisions incur an hourly rate billed in advance as per the contract terms.

Final Approval
The client is responsible for the final proofreading, user testing, and approval of their document or website before distribution or printing. Choosing to share your project files or links before the project is finished could lead to a bad viewer or user experience. In this case, we will not be held responsible for damages. Should an error be found after file or link delivery and distribution we will not be held responsible. We never take responsibility for printing costs if an error is discovered after printing.

File Storage
Clients are responsible for file storage after delivery. We are not responsible for backing up or storing files for clients.
Copyright Ownership For Delivered Projects
Once a file is fully approved and delivered and paid for in full per the contract, the copyright is transferred to the client. However, I reserve the right for perpetual use of files, mockups, and examples of all projects for personal and professional portfolios, marketing endeavors, and any other deemed us to share my work privately or publicly in print or digital format. The only exception is ghostwriting projects which are governed by individual contractual terms.


General Cooperation
Clients are required to cooperate with all policies in this document, posted in invoices, on our website, and anywhere they are published. Refusal to cooperate will result in project termination without a refund.
Cooperation with Communication Policies
My standard of client communication is email during whatever my current business hours are. Business hours are subject to change without notice and typically always entail being unavailable on weekends, and holidays.

Time Off and Emergencies
I also reserve the right to take time off for personal and professional emergencies, family medical leave, technical issues and outages, personal or professional overwhelm, or any other reason that I need time off to make sure I am not subject to distress which can cause an inability to continue to provide quality work. Being that I only take calls and video meetings by paid appointment, clients are asked not to call, text, and leave multiple messages with their requests or feedback but rather send an email or make an appointment unless otherwise agreed.

Turnaround time
Turnaround time is always loosely quoted and never guaranteed. Though each client’s work being completed will be treated as a priority there are a diversity of factors that can impact turnaround time including client cooperation, technical issues, and other personal and professional emergencies.

Phone and video calls
Phone and video calls can be made through my online calendar based on availability and are fee-based if a phone or video consultation is desired. I do not quote prices, take revision requests, or project instructions over the phone or in video consultations, all project content must be delivered via email with no expectations. Booking a video and attempting to pressure me into breaking my protocols and professional boundaries will result in a canceled booking and no refund.

Direct Communication
We only communicate directly with the client regarding their project. We do not engage with third parties associated with the project on behalf of the client. We do not take or make calls on behalf of clients.

Aggressive Behavior
I believe in fostering a safe and respectful environment for myself and those I collaborate with. This means that I have zero tolerance for harassment, bullying, insults, sarcasm, unprofessional language, or sexual advances in any form, both online and offline. Engaging in such behavior will be considered a direct violation of my professional principles and will result in the immediate termination of our project, with no possibility of a refund.

Non-Disclosure (NDA)
All discussions, disputes, or disagreements, whether personal, financial, or related to business matters, including any information shared during consultations or project communications, shall be kept strictly confidential between the client and Sarah Grace, and her team. Under no circumstances should any disputes or discussions be shared with third parties, disclosed in blogs, social media, or any public forums, whether in written, audio, or visual form, without explicit written consent from both parties. This clause is enacted to safeguard the privacy and integrity of both parties involved. Breach of this NDA may result in legal action.


Pricing: As a freelancer I reserve the right to charge what I feel is a fair price based on each project, desired timeline, required skill set, and do not guarantee any rates be the same for any client or project unless agreed upon in a written contract. Prices are subject to change at any time even after the quote was written and are not considered under contract until full payment is made.

Payment Terms: All services are invoiced digitally with a diversity of payment options offered. Payments made after the project is quoted and discussed constitute agreement on all terms and policies. I am not responsible for any 3rd party payment apps. Should a client have an issue with fees it is their responsibility to pursue those companies directly without liability to me. The payment is not considered made to me until it is safely transferred into my account. Should a client dispute a payment after the project has begun, legal action can be taken due to our no refund policy.

Non-Payment: Failing to pay your invoice can result in a canceled or changed offer. Failing to pay subscription agreements or payment agreements could result in suspended services and terminated projects.

Refund Policy: No refunds under any circumstances. Once payment is made there is a residual impact on my calendar, personal and professional finances, and project load. Once a payment is made it is considered final.

I will only terminate a project if a client refuses to cooperate or comply with policies. A client can cancel a project at any time without a refund.


No Refunds or Liabilities in Unforeseen Circumstances:
Clients acknowledge that by engaging with the company, they do so at their own risk. If a client attempts legal action against the company, they are proceeding after agreeing to work with the company at their own risk. In such cases, the client will be responsible for covering all legal fees incurred by the company, as well as any missed work, damages to reputation, or other associated costs resulting from their legal action. Additionally, in the event of unforeseen circumstances preventing the company from fulfilling agreed-upon services or in case of client dissatisfaction, including personal incapacity, force majeure, or dissatisfaction with creative output, there shall be no refunds or liabilities assumed by the company. Creative services inherently involve subjective interpretations and preferences, and the company cannot guarantee client satisfaction in every instance. Clients acknowledge and accept this inherent risk when engaging with the company’s services.

Content Accuracy:
While we strive to ensure the accuracy and quality of the content we create, we do not accept liability for any errors, inaccuracies, or omissions in the content provided to clients. Clients are responsible for reviewing and verifying the accuracy of all content before use.

Third-Party Content:
We may use third-party resources, including but not limited to images, graphics, and text, in the content creation process. We do not assume liability for any copyright infringement, inaccuracies, or legal issues related to third-party content. Clients are responsible for obtaining proper permissions and licenses for third-party content used in their projects.

Data Security:
We implement security measures to protect personal information from unauthorized access, alteration, disclosure, or destruction. However, no method of transmission over the internet or electronic storage is entirely secure, and we cannot guarantee absolute security.

Client Responsibilities:
Clients are responsible for providing accurate and complete information, feedback, and approvals throughout the content creation process. We do not accept liability for delays, errors, or other issues resulting from client-provided materials or lack of cooperation.

Indirect Damages:
We shall not be liable for any indirect, consequential, or incidental damages arising out of or in connection with the use of our services, including but not limited to loss of profits, loss of data, or business interruption.

Limitation of Liability:
Our liability for any direct damages arising out of or in connection with the services provided shall be limited to the total amount paid by the client for those services.

No Warranties:
We make no warranties or representations, express or implied, regarding the accuracy, reliability, or completeness of the content created. All content is provided “as is” without warranty of any kind.