Traditionally, one might seek out a coach for personal and professional growth, a Biblical counselor for how to integrate their faith into their everyday lives and callings, and a pastor or chaplain for assistance through life’s major decisions, moral dilemmas, and times of crisis.

In Dr. Grace’s 1.1 Sessions you have access to all of those areas of expertise through one relationship. Sessions are open to men and women including professionals, influencers, leaders, public figures, and other coaches and counselors

“My sessions with Sarah Grace have been truly TRANSFORMATIVE for me. She has been an incredible source of support as I navigate different situations and work on understanding my relationships better.  Not only that, but she’s also been guiding me in enhancing my relationship with Christ. I meet with her twice a week and I can honestly say that it has been LIFE-CHANGING. So grateful for Sarah Grace and the growth I’ve experienced with her help.”


Chequena Morris-Hall

“Working with Sarah Grace has been the best decision I’ve ever made!! Thank you Sarah Grace, for giving me and a multitude of other women, a safe place to be vulnerable as well as giving sound biblical council. The wisdom and grace you give is beyond what I can explain. She’s been such a blessing to me personally and I know she will be to you too!”

Up & Coming Media Personality, Speaker

Michaela Simpson

“I feel refreshed and revived today! If you are a woman in ministry OR a woman who feels called to lead, I encourage you to invest in yourself and book a session with Sarah Grace. It focuses on spiritual, personal, and professional development. Truly am grateful for my mentor and good friend Sarah Grace! Sometimes when you feel like you are there for everyone and being for everybody else you just need to release, regroup, and reset. I had an AWESOME 1 on 1 session with her and truly was mind-blown by what God revealed. Things I haven’t even shared with anyone yet. We can never have a conversation without God. When I need correction, encouragement, etc she never shies away from that She has 20+ years in the field! This is a confidential space where you can really let your hair down and speak unfiltered and uncensored. You leave with tools, resources, and scripture to help you get back on track and be all that God is calling you to be!!”

Up & Coming Media Personality and Speaker

Chelsea Tatum

“Working with Sarah Grace has been an incredible experience! Her outstanding work ethic and willingness to prioritize personal growth alongside business matters make her a truly exceptional Coach. Since teaming up with Sarah, I have seen a marked improvement in my confidence, gained valuable knowledge, and overall, I feel like a better version of myself. I am grateful for the positive impact she has had on my life.”

Author, Speaker, Conference Host

Nicholle Craig


Frequently Asked Questions

where can i learn more about your credentials

Please visit the about page to learn more about Dr. Grace, her story, and to preview her background and experience.


 All information shared during 1.1 sessions is considered confidential and will not be disclosed to any third party without the participant’s written consent. This includes information shared verbally, in writing, or electronically. Recordings are any kind are prohibited unless mutually agreed and recorded in writing. In the case that permission is granted, recordings are for myself and the client only and not to be shared with others or the general public.

There are limited exceptions to the confidentiality policy:

Mandatory Reporting: If a participant discloses information indicating an imminent threat of self-harm or harm to others, Beyond the Lights is obligated to report this to the appropriate authorities to ensure the safety of all involved.

Legal Requirements: Beyond the Lights may be required to disclose confidential information if compelled by law, court order, or subpoena.


There is a $49 Introductory rate for your first session. During your first session your goals and how often you would like to meet to determine your rate and frequency of payments.


Disclaimer: I hold an Honorary Doctorate in Christian Humane Letters and have been nominated for an Honorary Doctorate of Divinity. Additionally, I am a licensed and ordained Elder in the Christian Faith. My expertise extends to extensive training in Life & Mental Health Coaching & Advocacy, and I am also a certified Chaplain.

It’s important to clarify that I am a “Biblical and Spiritual” Practitioner, nor am I a Secular Mental Health professional. I do not offer therapy or psychiatry services, nor do I diagnose or treat mental illness or prescribe medication. My focus lies primarily in coaching, advocacy, and spiritual guidance within the Christian context.

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I have a Student Membership of The American Association of Christian Counselors

I have completed certified training through Light University for Professional Christian Life Coaching

I have completed the Mental Health Coach First Responder certified training through Light University

I have completed certified virtual training through Coursera with John’s Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health for Psychological First Aid

I am a member of the International Christian Coaching Associaton.

I have an honorary doctorate of Christine Humane Letters From The School of the Great Commission.